Gay Couple with Adopted Black kid Claim they were Forced Out of All-White Town


Commentary by Ms Bob


When Randy Gamel and his husband were looking for a retirement home, a six-bedroom fixer upper in the tiny western Oklahoma town of Hitchcock caught their eye.

They bought it in 2014, and Gamel moved to the quiet community from Fort Worth, Texas, to start upgrades. He set out to make himself a part of the agricultural community of a little more than 100 residents. He befriended neighbors, took an interest in town politics and soon became the town clerk.

But it wasn’t long before Gamel began feuding with longtime locals over how the town should be run. Many town leaders and employees are related, and Gamel says he has a reputation for speaking up, vociferously, when he sees a problem.

Tension erupted in flames in May when a suspicious fire ripped through Gamel’s home, burning the two-story structure to the ground.

Gamel, 59, suggests in a federal lawsuit filed this week in Oklahoma City that community leaders tried to force him out because he was gay and because he and his partner brought a black child into the nearly all-white town. Others, including a sheriff’s official named in the lawsuit, say it was Gamel’s behavior, not homophobia or racism, that led to problems. A criminal investigation into the fire is pending.

The civil rights lawsuit names Blaine County Sheriff Tony Almaguer, Undersheriff David Robertson and seven residents of Hitchcock, alleging that they conspired to drive him from his town office and denied him equal protection under the law. The lawsuit lays out allegations of death threats against Gamel and his son, physical assaults, an anti-gay sign posted in town and local law enforcement refusing to take any action. When the fire broke out, Gamel said firefighters from the volunteer force with whom he had feuded dragged their feet and that some townspeople sat in lawn chairs to watch it burn.

“I think once I became clerk, and they found out they had a queer clerk with a black kid running the city, it just drove them crazy and they couldn’t take it. They tried everything to get me to quit. Once the house was burned … I just couldn’t put my son through any more of it,” said Gamel, who now lives in El Paso, Texas.

But Robertson, the undersheriff, strongly disputed Gamel’s allegations. He said the feuds were real, but described Gamel as a “bully” who sought to impose his will on the town and was constantly alleging wrongdoing by town officers.

“I got to know him very well from all the complaints and allegations that he made, and I cannot find one person who made any racist statements against his child or against him for being a homosexual,” Robertson said. “We don’t take too kindly to being called racist and homophobic, because we’re not.”


Ass-backward hillbillys in small all-white towns are always racist and homophobic. Why else to do you think they live in small all-white towns? Cause they hate fags and niggers.

Excuse my language, but I’m just really triggered right now. I hate racist and homophobic people so much. I just hate them! Because they hate gays and blacks. And nobody should be allowed to hate gays or blacks. That’s illegal.

This gay man just wanted to introduce progressivism into this little hillbilly heaven. And they didn’t like it. But racist homophobes don’t know what’s best for their own communities. They’re white conservative Christians. Which just means they’re white supremacists. And homophobic. In other words, they’re retarded. And dumb.

That town is so dumb that they don’t even realize diversity is our strength. Our greatest strength in fact. Just think about it. That little black kid could have grown up and played basketball for the high school. And impregnated some of the white women there.

But no! They wanted to run the gay couple with the black kid out of town. And live in their little all white utopia. Without gays and blacks. What a boring place that must be. I bet their basketball team sucks! And all the men have little penises.

I know there are some crypto-racist-homophobes who secretly think that gay man burned his own house down. But they only think that because they’re crypto-racist-homophobes. That’s how ignorant people think.

Here’s an example of a crypto-racist-homophobe’s logic: “That faggot burned his own house down to collect on the insurance money. Because nobody in town would buy that queer’s house after a fag lived in it. It had been contaminated with AIDS. Plus, he could file a lawsuit claiming those racist homophobes burned the house down to intimidate him. And force him to move out of town. Then he could sue the town for millions of dollars.”

See how stupid crypto-racist-homophobes are? And if you don’t think that’s how they think, then you’ve never met a crypto-racist-homophobe.

One day that little racist town will have a holiday for Mr Gamel. Maybe even a statue on the town square. What a great man.

He obviously loved the community. So much so that he tried his hardest to make it stronger by bringing diversity there. When those racists accept diversity into their community. And see how much stronger they will be because of it. They’ll change the town name to Gameltown.



  1. “But it wasn’t long before Gamel began feuding with longtime locals over HOW THE TOWN SHOULD BE RUN.”

    There you have it. So, a sodomite and his husband with their pet monkey moves in and try to change things and expects everyone to accept it.

    How about No.


  2. Too bad the deranged sodomites weren’t in the house when it burned. Sounds like the freak ran his mouth too much, too. I hope the AIDS vector loses his lawsuit, too. I know if some f@ggots tried that shit in my town, they would just disappear.


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