Man ‘acted on instinct’ when He Bit off Co-Worker’s Ear


Commentary by Justin Igger


A 53-year-old Minot man pleaded guilty to biting off another man’s ear during a fight at Minot Lumber on Sept. 2, 2015.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Eiland and the other man, David Shoats, were fighting over where to place store merchandise and Eiland bit off 80 percent of the other man’s ear. Though the detached ear was found, doctors were not able to reattach the body part.

Eiland told Judge Richard Hagar that he accepts responsibility for the crime but he was acting in self defense.

“I was assaulted by David Shoats,” he explained, saying that he did not start the altercation with his former friend and co-worker. “He’s younger, faster, stronger … he won the altercation in a couple of punches.”

Eiland said Shoats continued the fight and Eiland was afraid that his head would be banged on the concrete and he would lose consciousness.

I just acted on instinct, out of fear for my safety,” said Eiland, when he bit Shoats’ ear.

Eiland also disputes that Shoats lost 80 percent of his ear. Eiland said he saw photographs and it looks like Shoats lost about 30 percent of his ear in the fight.

“I understand the seriousness of the injury I caused,” said Eiland, who did not dispute that he is guilty of aggravated assault.

Hagar thanked Eiland for wearing a suit to the hearing. He said he wishes he could get the lawyers who appear in his court to dress that well all the time. Hagar then said he understood how the incident could have happened and wished Eiland luck.


I’ll tell y’all exactly what had happened. Ya hear me.

This nigga worked at the lumber yard with a bunch of racist mufuckas. They be calling him the N word all the time behind his back. He don’t be hearing em say it. Cause they cowards. They won’t say it to his face. But he know they be saying it when he ain’t listening.

When that nigga was stocking. He put his merchandise in the wrong location. Then he heard this racist mufucka mumble the N word under his breaf. It wasn’t clear, but it sound like he say, “this dumb nigger has been working here for years and still don’t how to put stuff where it belongs.”

That nigga say, “What you say? You just say the N word or sumpin?”

That man say, “I didn’t say the N word. I’m not a racist. I would never say that word.”

Then they just started tusslin. All the racist white mufuckas jumped in. Started beaten that black man cause he had black skin. They were all screaming the N word. Real loud, too. It was hurtin that black man ears. Knowmsayin.

So he just acted on instinct. Started bitin mufuckas and shit. Like a rabid pit bull. Growlin and errythang. Fo real.

At first he was gonna bite they necks. Go for the kill. Knowmsayin. But then he decided to get even. They hurt his ears so bad by screaming the N word, he wanted to hurt they ears. So he bit that mufucka’s ear clean off. 80% of that man’s ear be gone.

Now he be walkin around with no ear and shit. Sayin “huh” all the time. If he be in the hood, niggas just call that nigga Huh. That be his street name.

But the judge seem cool though. He know what had really happened. That’s why he thanked that man for wearing a suit to court. And told him that he understood how a person could bite a mufucka’s ear off.

It just be instinct. Sheeit.




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