RIP Gentle Giant: 3 years Since Mike Brown was Killed cause his Skin was Black]


Commentary by Justin Igger


Three years later, on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s inexcusable death at the hands of police in Ferguson, Missouri, it is challenging to contemplate the United States of 2017. So much has changed since that terrible day, yet so much has remained the same. Michael Brown’s death sparked genuine conversations about race relations throughout the country, yet America still has such a long way to go.

Three minutes. One hundred and eighty seconds. That’s how long it took – from the moment Officer Darren Wilson arrived at the scene until the fatal bullet was discharged – for Michael Brown’s life to be taken. In the flash of a gun muzzle, Michael joined the list of too many black men senselessly killed by law enforcement, simply because of the color of their skin.

Clearly, the relationship between law enforcement and African-Americans is broken, with the system built to oppress the black citizens of our nation. We have seen time and again that our nation’s fundamental promise has a caveat: liberty and justice for all — as long as you are white.

From start to finish, the law enforcement system is predisposed against African-Americans. Blacks are more likely to be stopped, searched and targeted for unprovoked force than their white counterparts.

Nationally, the rash of highly publicized incidents has not changed anything. The number of deaths at the hands of police officers so far this year almost exactly mirrors that of the previous two years, with 492 people being fatally shot by police at the midpoint of the year. That’s more than two officer-involved fatalities per day, and black men are the victims at more than double their share of the population – over a quarter of the deaths despite representing only 12 percent of the U.S. population.

Ferguson’s first black police chief, Delrish Moss, has taken charge and been making change. The police force now has a more representative makeup of minority officers, each officer is equipped with a body camera, and the number  of African-American drivers stopped by officers has declined.

The Black Lives Matter movement was driven by this horrific event to become a real movement with concrete goals and an agenda to inspire change.

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

I can’t balee it been 3 years since Mike Brown was kilt cause his skin was black.

This for you, big homey. I know you be up in heaven chillin with your heavenly babymommas. Smokin all day and shit. But we miss you. And we love you, nigga. We won’t ever forget what you did for us. We even rioted and looted for you. Cause we know you dindu nuffin. Fo real.

It was that racist cop that kilt you just cause your skin be black. Just like his lawyer say in the article. Cops be killing niggas just cause they have black skin. No other reason. Just cause they skin be black and shit.

White mufuckas go to the poleece academy to become cops just so they can kill people with black skin. Fo real. That’s how racist they be.

It’s cool den a mug that his lawyer wrote this article though. We need more brothas that can write good to publish articles. That way white folks don’t be thinking all we can do is rap and shoot jump shots. Start respeckin us for how smart we is.

Cause errybody know we was kings. Before white cotton farmers flew they planes to the Motherland and kidnapped us. Made us be they farm equipment and shit. Like we donkeys or sumpin.

When the cotton farmers landed in Africa, they immediately saw how smart the kings was. They was like, “Damn. These Europeans with black skin are smart den a mug. Let’s steal all they ideas.” So they stole all the king’s ideas.

See, Africa was really the first Murica. Fo real. I ain’t lyin.

The Congo was the capital. It was just like D.C. Knowmsayin. Cept they had the black house instead of the white house. It was black cause it was made out of dung bricks. Cause over there they make they bricks out of elephant do-do. That shit be hard as a rock too. Better than these concrete bricks white folks use. They just use concrete so they bricks be white. Cause they hate people with black skin.

The kings also was the ones that wrote the constitution and bill of rights. Betcha didn’t know that.

The main king tattooed that shit on all his babymamma backs. With a sharp ass tiger tooth. They tattoos was complex symbols those dumb white mufuckas couldn’t understand. So the racist cotton farmers tortured the main king until he told them what it say. Then they called him the N word and lynched him. Said he raped a white woman and shit.

Then they brought all the king’s men over here to build Murica. And told Jefferson and Adams the main king’s ideas. And they racist asses took credit for it. Signed they names at the bottom of that paper with all them big words on it. Sorry mufuckas used them big words so black people wouldn’t know they stole the king’s ideas.

But errybody know. You can axe anybody in the hood. They’ll tell you. Knowmsayin.

So now you know the real troof. And you can tell all your homies and they be like, “How you know all that shit. You smarter than my white teacher.” And I say, “Hell yea, nigga. That’s cause your teacher be lying to you cause your skin be black. They be thinkin you stupid and shit.”


    1. Ummmeven Eric “my people” Holders justice department, under Obama, declared this monster a danger to his community that needed to be eliminated.


  1. It is what it is.
    We will never conquer our racial disagreements.
    I am 62 years old and lived through the 60’s movement and here we are some 45 years later and nothing has changed.
    Sad. Man, it is sad.


      1. When you put ingorant writing like that last part what do you expect plus as a so called journel you should get all the facts and do your communting some real good and make the differece the right way unlike BLM with their recore (may have mispelled). Start the change and make Mr. King proud again.


  2. Hey you. Yeah you. The retard who wrote this trash.

    You ever pulled down on a cop? You ever tried to take a gun from a cop? Do you know what facts are? Apparently not, judging by this poorly written piece of shit.
    Let’s start with a fact. Michael Brown is shown on security cam video robbing a mini-mart just thirty minutes before he was shot and killed. Was that mentioned in this article? I never saw it mentioned.
    Let’s look at another fact: the coroner’s report on Mike Brown stated that he was shot and killed. It also stated that the gunshot wounds on Mike’s body were consistent with someone shooting from a seated position. SEATED. Not standing. Also, wounds on Mike’s arms were consistent with someone who was reaching across another body. The police officer who shot Mike said that Brown leaned INTO his car, and made a grab for his shotgun, amongst trying to punch the officer.

    All-in-all, you are a race-baiting piece of shit. Please refrain from writing anything else until you have all of the facts.


  3. He was a thug, plain and simple, the picture says a thousand words. It probably wouldn’t have mattered who shot him, some other black person would have shot him in a driveway just like they have thousands of times already this year. Just like they blew the brains out of two different toddlers shooting into houses here in my area in the last month. Just like they shot and killed 9 of each other here last week… If you want to know where you place blame on black men killed, open your door, look around. Predisposed what? Who was that she said? Cops? In your great year of rebellion and revelry, 2016, there were 200 more black on black homicides in CHICAGO.. Than police related shootings in the entire nation. 800 HOMICIDES IN ONE CITY AND 5000 SHOOTING VICTIMS!…How you going to blame that on a white man. Why the hell didn’t you match against that? Against the senseless murders in your own communities? This police officer decided to go home that day, Freddie Gray the ” Gentle Giant” ( seen here committing a strong attend robbery) decided not to. There were witness statements, black witnesses, of your “Giant” beating on a man half his size, a second man half his size, trying too take his weapon to kill him. Guess what, the police would not have ever been there of the “Gentle Giant” wouldn’t have beat on and robbed a 120 pound Asian man. I hate to be the one to enlighten you, the word “Racism” carries no weight anymore… You missed it. Racism now means: to disagree with a liberal. You might as well be saying “Yo Mamma” you have finally gotten what you wanted, the police don’t want to serve an ungrateful public anymore. Especially Anarchist who get off on a part trip and cowardly shoot them, because that’s what Anarchist and cowards do. If a couple little black wanna be gangsters shoots into your house, right through your mamas back and takes the top of your 2 year olds head of that was asleep on her chest, dropping then both dead … Call BLM, maybe Obama will come speak at the funeral, Jackson and Sharpton will come preach…. But good luck with all that.




  5. Ignorant and illiterate. Some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever wasted 5 minutes of my life reading. Let them stay in their ghettos until the world leaves them behind.


  6. No, he was shot, because he attacked a police officer. And he was a low life thug who was caught ON CAMERA robbing a store and assaulting the store owner. But why let facts get in the way, right?


  7. Is this as much shit that could spew from your mout at one time? “Big Homie” was a “big piece of shit thug”. Just to save my breath here it is. Hope your next. You are the problem.


  8. Thug pos dead good riddens.spend more time earning not tugging and stop fking blaming cops and whites for personal ignorant choices. No other group is given so many legs up and still want everything given to them. Get off your fking lazy asses and do something decent with your life sick and tired of oh poor blacks. Poor because they chose to be. No fathers. Shit mothers. Never wanting to be legit
    Race war will come and the millions of decent blacks who knew their potential and didn’t spend their life blaming every one else will join the whites because they are sick of it too.. No generation of
    Mine ever owned slaved and many he generation of yours never picked cotton..stfu


  9. Kilt? He was Kilt? This is why you stay in school folks. It is also why you need to do your own research and draw your own conclusions based on the facts, which is obviously what this person did NOT do. They believed the MSM that had an agenda and would spin the story in their favor to push that agenda. Fact: Mike Brown was a thug who committed a crime. He wasn’t a gentle giant, he was a criminal that ended up drawing down on a police officer, which ultimately cost him his life, which it should.

    Then all you retards went out and “protested” by destroying your own neighborhoods. And you wonder why no decent businesses want to come there. You wonder why you live in a shit hole. Stupid is as stupid does I suspect.


  10. Buwah a ha ha ha…. This isn’t a serious piece folks…. Look at the name of the person that wrote it. HA HA HA Justin Igger? Just a nigger


  11. Glad he is dead, 1 less criminal scumbag. By the way…it’s called SRONG ARM ROBBERY, and its a FELONY. This writer is just another race-baiting hack.


  12. What about all the black folks that blow other black folks away? I wonder how high those numbers are? Probably immeasurable. Get over it. Niggers die just like us all.


  13. Where’s the video of Brown beating on that old man? I cried when I watched it. I wanted to burst into the screen and save him. The so called gentle giant could have killed him with his bare hands. I wonder about the old guy and hope he is alive and ok. 😥


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