Caught on Video: Man Brutally Beats White Man in Store for $35


A 21-year-old man has been arrested in a brutal beating caught on surveillance video during a robbery at a Lufkin convenience store.

On Wednesday, police released the video on social media, which could be too graphic for some, at the victim’s request.

The victim, who is now out of the hospital and stopped by the department earlier this afternoon, said he hopes people will be more aware of their surroundings after seeing what happened to him in a life-changing instant,” the Facebook post read.

Richard Lee Archer, 39, was beaten unconscious while he was waiting in line at the store.

The attacker, Andrea Franks-Vanzandt took $35 from Archer’s wallet and took off after punching him dozens of times and stomping on his head.


Commentary by Justin Igger


Oooooweee! That nigga beat the brakes off that man. Just took his shit. Right in the middle of the store, too. He didn’t give a fuck who was watchin.

Didn’t nobody say nothin either. Did they? Hell nah, they didn’t. Nigga woulda beat they ass and took they money too. Fo real. Sheeit. Think I’m bullshittin.

You see how that brotha turned around and looked at that white man. He must’ve whispered the N word or sumpin while he was countin his money. Or maybe just thinkin it in his thoughts. Knowmsayin. He prolly thinking to himself, “I bet this broke nigger in front of me ain’t got $35 in his wallet like I do. Hell, that broke nigger probably don’t even own a wallet.”

But that nigga ain’t stupid. He heard what he was thinkin. White dude actin all brave and shit. Thinkin whatever he want to. Like this Murica or sumpin. And he safe cause he in the store and shit. But that nigga didn’t give a fuck. He beat his ass and took his little ole money anyway.

Now that punk ass white mufucka wanna be a snitch and shit. He want all the other white mufuckas to know what happens if you count your money in front of a nigga at the store. While you callin him the N word in your thoughts.

He tryin to warn mufuckas. Fo real. Make it harder for niggas to rob and beat a mufucka. Knowmsayin.

When he say people need to be aware of they surroundings, he ain’t jokin. He being serious and shit. I promise you he’ll look around for niggas next time he take out his wallet in the store. Or think the N word in his thoughts. Cause he know a nigga will comatize a mufucka in a heartbeat. Knowmsayin. And take your shit. In front of errybody. Even if the cameras be on.

Imma let y’all in on a little secret. Black folks know when white people is thinking the N word in they thoughts. We been called the N word for so long, we can just sense it. Knowmsayin. And when we sense that a white mufucka thinkin the N word, we get mad than a mug. Balee dat.

We start having flashbacks about slavery. When white people could call black people the N word and not get they ass beat. Fo real. Cause we remember all the stories are mommas told us. How our grandaddies were hung just cause they raped a white woman. Or our gramammas were called the N word cause they didn’t make the collared greens just right.

Plus, errybody know black folks was kings before we was kidnapped and forced into slavery. And that we invented almost errythang. Like the internet and space technology. Even peanut butter.

Then the white man stole all our ideas. Lie and say they was his ideas. Now we angry. We ain’t playin no more. Fo real.

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