The Alt-Right’s Beer Hall Putsch


Commentary by David Cohensteinberg


The Nazis have risen from the ashes of Berlin and gathered for a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The rally was titled #UniteTheRight. I think the rally was to protest the removal of some racist statues. But everybody knows the real intent was to yell the N word in unison. And call Jews Jews.

Hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of Nazis and white supremacists did a torch light parade on the campus of Virginia. They surrounded 20 trannies (or females, not quite sure which) who held hands in fear around the racist statue. They chanted their most effective battle cry in spite of the imminent danger presented by the Nazi horde.

“No Nazis. No KKK. No fascist USA.”



Did you hear what those vile Nazis were chanting while they marched? They were yelling, “You will not replace us!” How racist is that?

The gull of those reincarnated Nazis to not want to be replaced by non-whites is appalling. If they weren’t so worried about their women being raped by non-whites. Or their jobs being taken by non-whites. Or their children growing up around non-whites. Or their grandchildren being non-white. They would understand that diversity is our greatest strength.

I guarantee you my great uncle Harold is doing backflips in his grave. He survived the Holocaust. He literally died in the shower after he got gassed. But was brought back to life when one of the ally soldiers found him dead on the shower floor and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Then my great uncle Harold grabbed his best friend, who was emaciated and too weak to walk, and carried him on his back barefoot through the snow for 20 miles to safety. He even outran Hitler’s German Shepard the last 2 miles.

It is pertinent that Jews speak out about this. We have to! It is our moral obligation as Jews.

We know more than anyone. Even former slaves. What happens when Nazis and white supremacists take power. They gas Jews for being Jewish. And they make black people slaves because their skin is black.

Apparently some Nazi motivated by the spirit of the Fuhrer plowed into a crowd of peaceful antifa. At the time of this writing, we don’t know for sure it was a Nazi who was driving the car. But Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries¬†had to be involved somehow. It just had to. That song makes Nazis violent AF.



Even former Nazi and KKK leader David Duke was at the rally. He was supposed to be the American Hitler, but something happened. I’m not sure what. But he told CNN that the Alt-Right is fulfilling the promises of Trump. And that Nazis and white supremacists are going to take back the country.



And just look what Andrew Anglin posted. He’s probably the most racist, anti-semitic person on the planet earth. Maybe even in the universe. He said.


The Alt-Right has risen.

There is no going back from this.

This was our Beer Hall Putsch.

This was the beginning of our revolution.


And he means it. He knows what he’s talking about, too. This isn’t a joke, folks.

If the Alt-Right takes back their country, this is an idea of what’s going to happen.

  • all the illegal immigrants will be deported
  • all non-white immigration will be prohibited (just like the racist founding fathers intended)
  • Jews will be forced to surrender all their control within the power structure (media, finance, academia, politics)
  • The Jews who refuse will be sent to concentration camps. Or even worse, deported to Israel where they have to live around other Jews.
  • Blacks and all other non-whites will be repatriated to their countries of origin
  • Those who refuse will be forced into slavery


It’s time to #UniteTheAntiWhites. We have to replace white people. That’s the only way we can stop them. If not, Hitler will rise from the dead and take over the world. Maybe even the universe.

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