Wigger that Sucker Punched Disabled Man Claims Prison Guards Beat Him




A Pennsylvania man charged with sucker punching a disabled man has sent a letter to a local newspaper complaining that prison guards beat him up.

The Daily Local News in West Chester reports Thursday that Barry Robert Baker Jr. sent them a handwritten letter that says the beating left him with a concussion and a separated shoulder. He says one guard hit him while another made sure no one was watching.

Officials at Chester County Prison told the paper they are investigating. His lawyer says he’s aware of the incident.

The 29-year-old Baker is accused of punching a man with cerebral palsy in the face after mocking the way the man walked outside a convenience store in May. The attack was caught on video by the store’s surveillance camera.


Commentary by LaQuanita


Oh no he didn’t! I know that man didn’t punch that retarded man in the face like that. How he gonna do that? And his homeboy just sat and watched. Gigglin. Thinkin that shit funny.

That white boy wanna act hard for the brothas. He think that’s how black people be actin. Sucker punching innocent white people cause they walk funny. Or brutally beating a white man for $35 while he stand in line at the store.

But that ain’t how black folks behave theyselves. I don’t what wrong that white man. I be surprised if that nigga he be with didn’t sit him down and have a serious talk with him afterwards. Specially after that shit be on the news.

He say, “When them cops catch you, you better not even put my name in your mouth. Cause I dindu nuffin. And if you say my name, I’ll knock your white ass out. Fo real.”

Then he give him some advice. Try to make him a better person. Like a big brother.

He say,  “Hey. If you wanna hangout with black people, you can’t sucka punch retards in front of the store. Cause the cameras be on. And black people don’t do that kinda stuff anydamnway. If you gonna sucka punch someone you gotta have a reason. So next time at least take his wallet. So you need to get your shit straight, or we can’t be friends anymore.”

I know he told him. Just like that, too.

All the black people that be friends with that white boy don’t associate with him anymore. Nope. Sho don’t. He just too reckless. And crazy.

That’s why the guards beat him up. The black inmates stopped protecting him. And the white boys don’t want nothin to do with him cause he think he black. And they be racist against white boys that think they black.

I just can’t figure out why he do that. Why he think black people will think he cool if he sucker punch some man at the store. That’s just crazy. Like we violent or something.

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